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Mazda cx 5 sensor malfunction

The Blind Spot Monitoring BSM system is designed to assist the driver by monitoring blind spots on both sides of the vehicle to the rear in certain situations such as when changing lanes on roads and freeways. If the turn signal lever is operated in the direction the BSM warning light is illuminated, the system warns the driver of the vehicle in the detection area with a beep sound. A system malfunction or operation conditions are indicated by a warning.

Do not rely completely on the BSM system and be sure to look over your shoulder before changing lanes:. The BSM system can assist the driver in confirming the safety of the surroundings but is not a complete substitute.

The driver is responsible for assuring lane changes and other maneuvers. Always pay attention to the direction in which the vehicle is traveling and the vehicle's surroundings. In addition, the system pauses when the selector lever is shifted to the R position.

The system resumes automatically when the selector lever is shifted from the R position. The BSM system may not operate properly under the following conditions:. If the vehicle is driven with a damaged radar sensor, the system may not operate properly resulting in an accident.

The sensors in this system are approved for use in the U. If a vehicle with a BSM system is driven in a country other than the U. However, it does not indicate a malfunction. The blind spot monitoring system alerts the driver to the presence of another vehicle in an adjacent lane using the BSM warning lights and the warning beep while the system is operational. Always keep the bumper surface near the radar sensor area clean so that the BSM system operates normally.

Refer to Exterior Care 5. If the light remains flashing after cleaning the bumper surface near the radar sensor area, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Neutral Switch Inspection Continuity Inspection 1.

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the neutral switch. Inspect for continuity between neutral switch No. If not as specified, replace the neutral switch No. Specification Measured conditio Essential Information Introduction Be extremely careful and prevent injury to yourself and others or damage to your vehicle when using this manual for inspection and maintenance. If you are unsure about any procedure it describes, we strongly urge you to have a reliable and qualified service shop perform the work Remove the following parts: a.

Windshield wiper arm and blade. Cowl grille.Your shopping basket is empty. Mazda CX 5 car warning lights, car warning symbols such as engine management light, ABS light, airbag light this guide will help you. We have created this Mazda CX 5 dashboard lights meaning guide and will show you how to deal with an engine light, airbag warning light, ABS light and all of the other car warning signs on your dashboard.

You might need to buy a scanner online which will show Mazda trouble codes and clear the warning light for good. Mazda CX-5 engine warning light - also known as check engine light. The light will illuminate on your dashboard when there is a fault within the engine, you can proceed with caution but you should diagnose the fault as soon as possible. Mazda CX-5 airbag warning light - if the airbag light illuminates on the dash on your Mazda CX-5 it means there is a fault within the airbag system also known as the SRS or Supplimental Restraint System.

Mazda CX-5 ABS warning light - Antilock Braking System - the light will briefly show up when you start your engine but will turn off after a few seconds. If the light does not automatically turn off or it comes on during your cruise, it means there is a fault within the ABS module and more than likely needs a new ABS sensor.

mazda cx 5 sensor malfunction

Since your vehicle has 4 abs sensors it is difficult to tell which one needs to be replaced. The DSC may have a malfunction. Mazda CX-5 power steering warning light - This indicator light illuminates when the ignition is switched ON, and turns off when the engine is started. The power steering malfunction indicator light illuminates if there is a malfunction with the power steering while the engine is running. If the indicator light illuminates, park the vehicle in a safe place immediately and stop the engine.

If the indicator light does not turn off even if the engine is restarted afterwards, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Mazda CX-5 master warning light - this warning light stays on for a few seconds when the ignition is switched ON. The light illuminates continuously if any one of the following occurs.

Consult a Mazda Dealer. There is a malfunction in the battery management system. Mazda CX-5 coolant warning light - The light illuminates continuously when the engine coolant temperature is low and turns off after the engine is warm. If the low engine coolant temperature indicator light remains illuminated after the engine has been sufficiently warmed up, the temperature sensor could have a malfunction.

Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. The indicator light flashes if the BSM system has a malfunction. It turns off when the parking brake is fully released. When flashing The indicator light flashes continuously if the system is malfunctioning.

Park the vehicle in a safe place immediately and stop the engine. Refer to Overheating. Otherwise, it could result in damage to the engine. The warning light will illuminate or flash under the following conditions: Illuminates when there is an abnormality with the AWD system. Illuminates if there is too much difference in tire radius between the front and rear wheels.The OSS works by spinning a gear at the end of the transmission.

As it spins, the voltage in the OSS changes. You should notice symptoms when your CX-5 has P Since the code is transmission related, your engine should run fine. The concern will be how the transmission behaves without the signal from the OSS.

mazda cx 5 sensor malfunction

Some makes and models use a plastic gear. This gear can wear out over time. How was the speedometer before the code was thrown? Was it ever jumpy? Did it seem accurate? The Output Speed Sensor itself can be bad. This can happen over the life of the vehicle. Wiring problems can cause P The wiring for the OSS is lower to the ground than a lot of wiring. It also has a further distance to travel to the ECM.

Take a look at where the wiring harness plugs into the OSS. Is it corrosion free? Was it plugged in tight?

2015 CX-5 Key Fob on occasion will not start car. Dealer is at a loss. Happened to anyone else?

If not clean and replace as needed. Wiring harness issues are very common when diagnosing this code. Look to see if any of the wiring harness has been compromised. Anywhere that it gets close to the exhaust is a great place to look. This will throw P P is relatively easy to diagnose. Although, it can be a challenge to get to the OSS. Good luck fixing your Mazda CX If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below.

Wiring Issue Wiring problems can cause P Broken and Damaged Wiring Look to see if any of the wiring harness has been compromised. Conclusion: P P is relatively easy to diagnose.BSM indicator light does not flash while under BSM indicator light-flashing conditions with combination switch operation turn signal switch. The BSM control module mistakenly recognizes a vehicle as being outside of the warning zone when it is actually inside of it. Radar BSM control module integrated is not emitted inside of warning zone unable to emit radar inside warning zone.

Damage, deformity or looseness to installation bracket or vehicle frame including moderate impacts. Non-genuine bumper or paint, or installation of after-market parts negatively affecting radar echo-back ability. Open circuit in wiring harness between combination switch turn signal switch and rear body control module RBCM.

Air Filter Purpose The air filter removes pollen and dust in the intake air and purifies air flowing into the cabin. Function The air filter removes pollen and dust using a dust collecting filter. Construction The air filter is installed to the blower unit. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Discharge the refrigerant from the system. CAUTION: If moisture or foreign material enters the refrigeration cycle, cooling ability will be lowered and abnormal noise will occur.

Always immediately plug all open fittings after removing EPS provides smooth handling from low to high speeds as a result of the excellent steering feel provided by the electronic control and the vehicle-speed responsive control.

EPS does not require a power ste Manuals New Top Sitemap Search. If a malfunction is detected in the system with the parking brake released, the warning light ill Other materials: Air Filter Purpose The air filter removes pollen and dust in the intake air and purifies air flowing into the cabin.

BSM indicator light does not flash or illuminate continuously, but turn signals are off. Possible Causes.Dealer is at a loss. Happened to anyone else? Didn't start, towed in then started. Bad Key Fob? Eratic signal to sensor at times? Can Key Fob work then stop, then work again? Partially Solved: For some reason after the car sits for an extended period of time the brake pedal becomes very difficult to push thus activating the switch. If one pushes on the pedal very hard it will activate the switch.

When this happens it is like pushing on the brake pedal to stop when the car engine quits and the vacuum assist is off. We owned a CX 5 and this never happened. Dealer says it is normal.

I had the same fault with my cx5 model I replaced the battery in the remote with a cheap and nasty one but still had the same fault I could open the doors with the remote but it couldn't start the car.

Give it a go it could be a quick and easy fix. As for the brake peddle going hard it sounds like a vacuum leak in the booster or the check valve is faulty, I can leave my cx5 for a week and still have a enough vacuum in the system.

Warning/Indicator Lights and Warning Sounds

I think this dealer should be head slapped and told this is normal. Csilsbee33 answered 3 years ago. Help both key fobs quit, 1 works occassionally, 1 not at all.

mazda cx 5 sensor malfunction

When started with me brake was extremely had to push but car had been driven less than 12 hours previously. I have a hard time believing it's the batteries since both started acting up within 30 days.

Any suggestions appreciated. Kristine answered 2 years ago. I have a cx Mine is not working now. It has been getting worse over the last few months.

I literally need to bang it on my steering wheel and mess with it for 10 minutes - 30minutes. Took it to my original dealer who is no longer Mazda, and they said the battery and the key fob were working fine. They told me I had to go to a certified Mazda Dealer in another town to get it looked at.

It is so annoying!

NHTSA — Unknown Or Other Problems

I have loved my car until this started happening. GuruYZL47 answered 2 years ago. Alex answered about a year ago. I have a Mazda cx-5 with 4, miles and it won't start. A image on the dashboard comes out and it says keyless system malfunction. What is wrong. Barbara answered about a year ago.

How to clear Mazda SCBS and SBS warning light

Alex, what did you doThe light turns on if the windscreen or the radar sensor are dirty, or there is a malfunction in the system.

If the reason why the warning light is illuminated is due to a dirty windscreen, clean the windscreen. If the warning light is illuminated because of a dirty radar sensor, clean the front emblem. For any other reasons, have the vehicle inspected at an expert repairer, we recommend an Authorised Mazda Repairer.

The light illumination timing may vary because fuel inside the fuel tank moves around according to the driving conditions and the vehicle posture. The seat belt warning light turns on if the driver or front passenger's seat is occupied and the seat belt is not fastened with the ignition switched ON.

After a short time, the warning light stops flashing, but remains illuminated. If a seat belt remains unfastened, the warning light flashes again for a given period of time. Placing heavy items on the front passenger's seat may cause the front passenger's seat belt warning function to operate depending on the weight of the item.

To allow the front passenger seat weight sensor to function properly, do not place and sit on an additional seat cushion on the front passenger's seat. The sensor may not function properly because the additional seat cushion could cause sensor interference. If a small child is seated on the front passenger's seat, the warning light may not operate. If the rear seat belts are not fastened while the ignition is switched ONthe driver and the passenger are alerted by the warning light.

If a rear seat belt is not fastened by a certain period of time after the engine has been started, the warning light turns off. Add washer fluid Search. When the warning light illuminates, and the warning beep sound is heard when tyre pressure is too low in one or more tyres.

If the tyre pressure monitoring system warning light illuminates or flashes, or the tyre pressure warning beep sound is heard, decrease vehicle speed immediately and avoid sudden manoeuvring and braking:. If the tyre pressure monitoring system warning light illuminates or flashes, or the tyre pressure warning beep sound is heard, it is dangerous to drive the vehicle at high speeds, or perform sudden manoeuvring or braking. Vehicle drivability could worsen and result in an accident.

To determine if you have a slow leak or a flat, pull over to a safe position where you can check the visual condition of the tyre and determine if you have enough air to proceed to a place where air may be added and the system monitored again by an expert repairer, we recommend an Authorised Mazda Repairer or a tyre repair station. Ignoring the TPMS warning light is dangerous, even if you know why it is illuminated.

Have the problem taken care of as soon as possible before it develops into a more serious situation that could lead to tyre failure and a dangerous accident. Inspect the tyres and adjust to the specified inflation pressure Search. Perform tyre pressure adjustment when the tyres are cold. Tyre pressure will vary according to the tyre temperature, therefore let the vehicle stand for 1 hour or only drive it 1.

Also, an illuminated TPMS warning light, resulting from the tyre air pressure dropping due to cold ambient temperature, may turn off if the ambient temperature rises.

In this case, it will also be necessary to adjust the tyre air pressures.

mazda cx 5 sensor malfunction

If the TPMS warning light illuminates due to a drop in tyre air pressure, make sure to check and adjust the tyre air pressures. After adjusting the tyre air pressures, it may require some time for the TPMS warning light to turn off.

Tyres lose air naturally over time and the TPMS cannot tell if the tyres are getting too soft over time or you have a flat. However, when you find one low tyre in a set of four-that is an indication of trouble; you should have someone drive the vehicle slowly forward so you can inspect any low tyre for cuts and any metal objects sticking through tread or sidewall.So how do you find out what problems are occurring?

Any duplicates or errors? It's not us. Don't waste your time wasting ours! If you are interested in advertising a for-profit service, contact us. Find something helpful? Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page. Add Complaint. Rotors began showing signs of irregular wearing at 15K miles, causing the vehicle to shake uncontrollably when braking. The dealership indicated that this was normal wear and tear and inclement weather.

However, there is a vast number of reports online with identical issues, occurring around 25K miles, which appear to be related to defective brake pads out of the factory.

Yesterday my wife tried to stop our CX5 in our driveway but it kept a slow glide for a few yards thus crashing into our garage door. Shifting into park a 2nd time 1st time didn't work and pounding the brake pedal finally stopped the vehicle after pushing in the garage door a few feet.

Engine remained in low idle no acceleration and brake feedback was normal not mushy the whole time. This is 2nd occurrence. First occurrence was about 6 months ago as the CX5 glided part way into an intersection. All symptoms listed above were exactly the same.

When stopping my vehicle, my brake pedal tends to 'bleed' downward, to the point where it is below the level of the gas pedal. The result is I sometimes wind up hitting both the accelerator pedal and brake pedals at once.

I've never had another car where this can happen. This is dangerous and terrifying when braking in close proximity to another vehicle. I took the vehicle to the dealer for an inspection and adjustment, the resulting slight improvement only lasted about a week, now it's happening again.

In the absence of air or other contaminants in the brake line, nor detection of faulty components, I now consider this to be a possible design flaw. Search CarComplaints.


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