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Arshi os dadi

Due to me writing it a long time ago, the writing technique may be slightly different, you may notice it, as opposed to how my newer one shots etc are written Do read and review. Enjoy it.

The parts that are supposed to be said in Hindi are in green. How can you say that about Khushi betiya? She probably trapped him with her web of lies. Khushi betiya is the bahu of this house. Everyone turned to the sound of the voice, it was Arnav.

Arnav strode towards Khushi, as soon as she saw him in front of her, she leaped into his arms.

arshi os dadi

She clutched the back of his shirt tightly and sobbed into his chest. Dadi gave Arnav one last look and picked up her belongings, making her way out of the house and back to the Ashram.

arshi os dadi

Forget her. Arnav came out of the room to see Nani in tears sitting on the couch. Why are you crying? If only your father stood up for your mother, the way you did today, then maybe she would have been with us. I believe my wife, I trust her more than I trust myself.

ArShi FF: The Search for Happiness… Chapter 1

He hugged his Nani tightly, she was his strength believe it or not, whenever he used to fall apart while trying to take care of Anjali and everyone, his Nani would just utter a few words to him, something that his mother would have said and he would instantly feel like his world was back on track.

She nurtured and scolded him like a mother but she also spoilt and instilled the values in him as a grandmother.

Hope you all liked it…. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.Total Pageviews. Wednesday, November 25, Chamkili Ch Water boiled atop both the stoves and she bustled around the kitchen getting things ready.

She poured milk into one of the tumblers and opened the container for coffee, inhaling the aroma before adding a spoon of it to another tumbler. She then added some tea, followed by three spoons of sugar to the boiling milk and water.

She had just turned the gas off, when she heard his car stop in the premises.

arshi os dadi

Oh nothing even remotely filmy was going on here. He had called her a while back to inform that he was leaving work and would be home soon, it was as simple as that.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Love Stays Forever

The door opened to a deathly quiet living-room. Regardless of the difficulty that he was having admitting this to even himself, he missed the days when he was greeted by his women dancing to some ridiculously catchy bollywood number.

He was still trying to remember the song when she hugged him from behind and then took the bag from his hand. The coffee is ready. He kissed her cheeks before doing exactly what she had asked. She was thinking about the events of the day as she headed to her room. It had been almost a week since her Jiji had received the medical reports and it was like they were all stuck in some weird time-loop where nothing ever changed.

Where days flew by and yet time had stopped crawling. Nani was trying to be strong and yet the vulnerability and despair in her glassy eyes gave her away. Dadi and Mami had also stuck to their routine of taunting Payal at every opportunity they got. Anjali supported Payal and yet that hardly helped. Just then she heard some sound coming from the kitchen and peeked in to find Payal pouring a glass of water.

Aakash ji must have come home. Probably now her Jiji could shed a few tears in the privacy of her room, with Aakash ji right there to hold her. She needed that. Her eyes searched him the moment she entered their room.

But then she heard the shower running and busied herself with setting the patio-furniture and the beverages beside the pool. She herself settled on one of the chairs, quietly waiting for him. Soon he joined her there.

A set of black track-pants riding low on his hips and a wet towel around his neck comprised his entire attire for the evening. She poured the coffee for him and tea for herself and with that, they shared their day together. She told him about Payal and Nani and Mami and Dadi and Aakash and he patiently listened, offering his own comments or asking a question every now-and-then.

Their conversations now rarely held the urgency of ill-fated lovers, stealing a moment in time. Instead, now they seemed to have the composure, calm and contentment of two souls who shared their lives together, and were pretty sure they would for a very long time. A bead of water trickled from his head to his shoulder and was then lost in the towel. Taking the towel from his shoulder, she started drying his hair herself, while the two constantly talked about random stuff.Anjali sat knitting on the couch, as she did every night the last month, waiting for Chotey to return after his nocturnal routine of jogging.

He usually came back exhausted, bone tired and deathly quiet. She had found out 2 weeks ago, from Aman, that Chotey had started including Laxmi Nagar in his running route. This began after they discovered that Garimaji and Sasiji were back at their house, sans Khushi and Madhumatiji.

Anjali and Aman struck a companionable friendship, one with the wellbeing of Chotey in mind. They spoke daily, consoled each other in their concern for Chotey, each taking care of him at their respective turfs. Anjali liked this platonic relationship, being friends with a man without the pressures of a relationship. Shyam was in police custody, and she had signed her divorce papers, for all her concerns she had rid herself of his presence forever.

Her reverie was interrupted by Chotey, who walked in the door, his mood dark and brooding. He stopped briefly when he spotted his Di at her post, like every other night. After making sure she had taken her dinner, he excused himself and made for his bedroom.

After a bath, he walked out to the poolside patio of his room, his sanctuary. He sat there each night, reliving his memories of Khushi; calling out to her, cajoling her, scolding her for disappearing, pleading for her to come back, missing her terribly. At times he looked as though he was having actual conversations with her, at times just calling her name repeatedly as though not getting a reply.

Every night Anjali watches her brother do his nocturnal ritual. These are the only hours she sees him reacting to his misery, the pain etched in his face heartbreaking to watch, his silent tears, while he held his head down between his knees and wept in loneliness and despair.

All for her love for her family and the Raizadas. He sat silently as Sasi and Garima joined him in shocked silence, knowing the young man had to get the weight off his chest, the obvious suffering in his visage pricking at their conscience.

This after all was the man whom Khushi loved so earnestly, the man who lived with them and treated them with utmost respect and esteem. Arnav told them his version of what happened 14 years ago with his parents and respectfully asked Garima to explain hers.

He patiently listened and found to his horror that she had been tricked by a married man into a relationship. Much like Khushi was with Shyam.

He lamented on how badly he had misunderstood Khushi and would with all his heart make it up to her, as he loved her so much.

They had made a vow to let Khushi grow as a person away from expectations and pressures, to realize the person she wanted to be. Arnav had walked away without answers but not after putting a tap on their phone. While Anjali watched over Arnav, at AR Group HQ, Aman was looking through the daily reports of the team of private investigators they had working on finding Khushi bhabhi.

Sasi and his wife Garima went about their small business and medical check-ups with a quiet dignity that was unnerving. Aman did his daily summary every night before he left, knowing ASR will search for it first thing tomorrow. ASR worked himself to the bone, throwing himself into his work. It translated into increased success and wealth, the company was growing in subsidiaries and assets accumulated, share prices were at an all time high. Employees got plenty of raise, but had to put up with their curt and abrasive Boss, who expected even more from them as they succeed.

He walks in HQ every morning before everyone and is always last to leave every evening. Everyone knows of his tragic love story, but no one dares speak of it. One month after Khushi left Delhi…. Madhumati stood at the door of her flat, her eyes searching expectantly at the lift doors, waiting. After some time, the doors open, and Mrs. Raghavan walks out gingerly, with a weeping Khushi in her arms. A new day, a new beginning.I wasn't on IF back then so I couldn't have posted it. Due to me writing it a long time ago, the writing technique may be slightly different, you may notice it, as opposed to how my newer one shots etc are written Do read and review.

arshi os dadi

Enjoy it. The parts that are supposed to be said in Hindi are in green.

ArShi FF: The Search for Happiness… Chapter 1

Dadi's voice boomed throughout the living room of the Raizada Mansion. Dadi shouted, " You used Anjali's husband and now Arnav beta!! Nani widened her eyes"SUMI!! How can you say that about Khushi betiya? Dadi yelled, "She is like that. I don't know how Arnav beta married her. She probably trapped him with her web of lies. Nani warned, "Sumi you're crossing your limits. Khushi betiya is the bahu of this house. Dadi explained, "Devyani, you don't know girls like her, they just use men for money and a name and then when they're finished with them, they move onto another one.

Before Nani could interrupt her, Dadi continued, "She's like this only, I can only imagine how her parents are, the people who brought her into this world. Khushi looked up and said"Why are you bringing my parents into this? Dadi spat, "Your parents probably wish they were dead than to see this day. Nani said, "Not another word Subadra. I said enough didn't I. Khushi's parents are no more in this world, how could you. Dadi tried to reason, "Devyani, you still are siding with this two cent girl".

Everyone turned to the sound of the voice, it was Arnav. Arnav strode towards Khushi, as soon as she saw him in front of her, she leaped into his arms. She clutched the back of his shirt tightly and sobbed into his chest. Arnav caressed her hair while saying, "Shh Khushi, im here now, its okay!

Dadi asked, "Arnav is this how you speak to elders? Don't you have any respect for me? Arnav replied, "You haven't given me any reason to respect you any longer. Dadi said, "Arnav im here for you and Anjali now.

ArShi FF: The Search for Happiness… Chapter 1

Arnav asked"Ohh, so where were you 14 years ago? We didn't need you then?Thank u for ur regular comments Mishty. Write moooooooooooooore!!! Ouee jadugharbi read first arshi os because u wrote it Orherwise my mind is still wd my heart lolllzzz btw owesome os i liked it and all pictures are justt wohhaas lovd it keep it up good wrkkj :- :- Hi La Hi La. Actually Jumping In Joy Mera ,Mera. Loved it! Too cute! And a little hot too!

Thank you for the Pm! Phir Os kee Kya Zaroorath. This is -Sunset- from India forums Loved your story It's amazing Khushi is so cute and innocent. Dear, I like all your post.

Everything looks so sweet, I admire this kind of life and the best wishes for you. Hope that we can communicate with each other. By the way, anybody want to boost app ranking? This one is useful. Majestic Magic World Of Magicia. She cant believe What she heardThose short angry words actually thrown her to heavenshe forgot about their fightthe Dadi volcano about and expected to erupt soonher own resolutions and believes.His heart broke as he saw the fight go out of her, her shoulders sagging with the weight of her grief.

Her expressive eyes glazed over, blank, unseeing, unresponsive. Khushi valiantly and adamantly waited for her Arnavji to arrive, fighting with everyone who tried to talk her out of it.

She bravely faced the pitying guests who left the wedding ceremony; was slapped by her Buaji who angrily defended her honour from the humiliation Raizada house had rained upon the Guptas; tearfully forgave and reassured her Amma for the ugly secret that had ruined her wedding day.

Her strength of conviction that Arnavji would come had begun to ebb very quickly. He got to her just in time to catch her as she collapsed in a faint, lifting her gingerly in his arms. Everyone gasped loudly and gathered around them. Please help me carry my dear Titiliya to a taxi outside. We need to get her out of here. As he laid her in the back seat of a waiting taxi, the Guptas gathered and left with her immediately, refusing the company of the Raizadas completely.

Nani and Anjali watched heartbrokenly as the taxi tail lights sped away, carrying Khushi away, not realizing their folly. In the taxi, as Buaji held on to Khushi in her arms, a decision formed in her mind, resolutely. Right now. Enough with these Raizadas. We will go to my cousin Shree, she will take us in. Arnav gained consciousness with a start.

In a moment of confusion, he looked dazedly at his steering wheel, stained with his blood. His eyes drifted over the clock in his dashboard and his heart froze in horror. He had been unconscious for 2 hours! Suddenly, the events of the day came back to him in a rush. When he arrived it was dark and the hall gates were locked, the premises empty.

His mind reeling, he stood gaping and panting at the dark building for a few minutes, not knowing what to do. As panic started to creep in he remembered something she had said before.

Arshi OS/SS : Short and sweet

The knot in his throat dropped like a stone in his stomach when he found the house dark and locked up. Arnav stood in the street, feeling cold in breezeless night air.

It hurt to breathe knowing he was too late this time. But not knowing what to do next, he drove like a madman back home to his family, desperate to know what the heck had happened.

A chorus of concerned voices greeted him at the door. Everyone was speechlessly staring at Arnav, at loss for an answer. Arnav turned to NK desperately. Where the hell is Khushi? You tell me right now!! NK felt a rising tide of unaccustomed anger in him.

Do you have any idea what happened at the wedding hall?! She waited and waited for you. You Jerk!! She sat there at the mandap, fighting everyone, refusing to budge, repeating over and over that you were coming.Tuesday, 29 January I know guys that the story has ended.

But it can never end in our heart. Season 2 : Part 1. Scene Arnav is alone in the room after khushi left him in disgust. Khushi toh vaise hi mere liye aur di ke liya kitni pareshaan hai!!! Vo toh di ke room mein unhe khana khilane ke liya gayi thi Arnav was al so tensed and worried But after wat he did it was not so easy. Kitchen Khushi is there in the kitchen and making jalebis ant talking to her devi maiya!!!!

Khushi says to Devi maiya while making jalebi She stood up and went to her room and took her bag and took a final glance of the room and she was abt to leave the room when she saw arnavs photo Kyonki kal se toh main use apne se door kahin nahi jane doonga JARa khushi bitiya ko bula dijiye And arnav hurried up searching for khushi Arnav tried her phone but itwas switched off He said to everyone Arnavs heart was getting heavier and his eyes was blank Everyone is searching for khushi.

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